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Friday, December 30, 2016

What's Bloggin Trendy Topics Merit Cyber-Coverage in 2017?

With the sun getting ready to set on 2016 for a last time on Saturday, we pause to ponder on the trending HOT bloggin topics in 2017.
Bloggin pondering on what Political Topics will be Trending in 2017.
** Blogger's Notes: GREAT Getaway Friday to ALL as rain drops (and snow flakes) replace the ticks on the clock, in counting down the remaining hours of 2016, With an engagement pending with the Almighty to witness the "Rising of 2017" from a location known only to Thee, we pause to reflect with our appreciative, cyber audience on "What's Bloggin Trending" regarding the political happening within the local Political Establishment ........., and beyond. Unlike many within "Cubafornia on the Pacific", especially those who will cite the 2016 Presidential Elections (and the Russians), as the root cause of a supposed, pending La Migra/Police State, we focus onward to a positive, Bloggin New Year, rich with multitudes of exclusive missives, laden with factually-based content that offers a contrary commentary to counter the Propaganda/Fake News Pronouncements of the "Sacrahavana-based, "Cubafornianista Super Majority"----Scott Johnson.

1. The Future Political Evolution of "Mayor Eric Gar-SOFT-ee": Pending a resounding re-election victory (60% plus), the Summer of 2017 will heat up the speculation on the future Political Evolution of a Rhodes Scholar, turned Two-termed Mayor ........., seeking to become "Senator Gar-SOFT-ee" in 2018?

2. The Grass-Roots vs the Machine in protecting LA Neighborhood's Integrity:The battle has commence and hopefully the electorate will decide that Developer's Contributions are NOT the paramount decider in regards to City Hall's policy votes affecting Ciudad de Los Angeles diverse (and historic) neighborhoods.

3. CD 1 Backlash Against Councilman Broken Deal Cedillo: From Pico-Union to the heights of Mt. Washington, the BUZZ is that many within the coalition that help narrowly elect the former "One Bill Gil" to replace Ed Reyes, are feeling betrayed by the now "Clowncilman Broken Deal Cedillo".

4. Backlash Against AB-109, Prop 47 and Prop 57-caused Crime Rate Increase: As the follies of Prison Realignment, mixed with downgrading criminal offenses become more evident, will the growing voter anger result in a backlash targeting the "Cubafornianista Super Majority" in 2018?

5. "The Cubaforniatnistas on the Pacific Super Majority" vs, President-Elect Donald Trump: As the Sacrahavana-based Cubafornianistas, with help from their propagandist companeros within the Main Fake-Stream Media are exploiting their Snowflaked Indoctrinated masses for a looming confrontation with the Federal La Migra Police State.

6. A New Federal Circuit Court District within "Cubafornia on the Pacific"?: Elections have consequences ........ and for the Cubafornianista Super Majority, being on the wrong side in defeating the resurgence of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, may result in a new Federal Circuit Court District to reestablish Judical Restraint, countering the Activism of the Ninth Circus Court District.

7. Appointments of Corrupting-busting US Attorneys: The likes of "El State Senator President Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", "The Political Soul Brothers of the LA City Council Central Committee (Huizar y Wesson)", The Calderon/Chacon Political Crime Family should be worry that newly-appointed US Attorneys (mixed with a non-politicized FBI), may take up the task of uprooting corrupting, currently vacated by the likes of the LA District Attorney and State Attorney General.

8. The CD-7 Campaign Royale, 2017: Will the highly-informed electorate of CD-7, coalesce into a potent coalition that pushes back against the City Hall Machine-financed Money Candidates, seeking to replace "FU POLLOFUENTES"?

9. The CONTINUOUS Outing of the Public-financed Purveyor of Fake News/Smears Brian Hews: We can keyboard for sure that 2017 will witness EXPANDED COVERAGE on the Fake News/Propagandist Publisher of the Cerritos-based "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News".

10. The Continuing Monitoring of the Latest (and last) Political Hibernation of CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar: Memo to the "Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate (and ALL friends)", HAPPY BLOGGIN (with content galore pending) NEW YEAR, 2017!!



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