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Monday, December 12, 2016

Morning Briefs on the March Elections Candidate Proceedings for Monday

As the City Clerk's Office continues its vetting of Candidates for the upcoming March, 2017 Municipal Elections, its readily apparent that the likes of CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo", CD 5 City Councilman Paul "Nanny Spud" Koretz, CD 9 City Councilman Curren Price and LAUSD School Board Member Monica "Gorda Boo Boo" Garcia ......., will HAVE serious re-election issues.
CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo".
** Blogger's Notes: Great Overcast Monday to all as the employees of the City Clerk's Office at Piper Tech continue their task of verifying candidates for the upcoming March, 2017 Municipal Elections. With surely, many CD-7 City Council Candidate approvals still outstanding (along with long shot mayoral aspirants), we partake below in a bloggin review on the pending campaigns for the likes of CD 1, CD 5, CD 9 and a certain LAUSD School Board District Two Seat, that may defy conventional wisdom via a growing anti-establishment backlash (and racial identity issues)-----Scott Johnson.
CD 1 City Council Seat: Judging from the photo above, CD 1 City Councilman Gil "Broken Deal Cedillo" may be hesitating in already picking himself as the winner for another term ........, with good reason as his moniker denotes. Compare to four years ago, many community activists who supported the Career Politico, are creating a Grass-Roots buzz for challengers Jesse Rosas, and Cycling Activist Jozef Bray-Ali, that a local journalist compared to the successful Joe Buscaino Campaign in CD 15.
CD 5 City Council Seat: Challenger Jesse Creed has raised six-figures and secured high profile endorsements from the likes of former City Controller Laura Chick, as he attempts to exploits the negative political sentiments directed at the reigning "Nanny Spud" of the City Clowncil Central Committee.
CD 9 City Councilman Seat: This may be a long shot, but don't dismiss the Campaign of Homegrown Community Activist Jorge Nuno as an Act of Political Vanity ........., for the simple, demographic fact, that CD 9 is a majority Latino enclave (thanks to Herb Wesson). This fact (and the challenge via Candidate Nuno), may have been the reason for Councilman Price's (and Buscaino) City Council Measure to "legalize" Street Vending. 
LAUSD School Board District Two: Have the Charter School-despising, UTLA-supporting advocates of Public Education found the ideal, Home Grown Candidate (in longtime educator Lisa Alva), to take out the aspiring "Mexican Oprah (and Controversial Charter School-financed, mega-shill)" known to the local cyber sphere as "Gorda Boo Boo"? We think so. 
The aspiring "Mexican Oprah".

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