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Friday, December 09, 2016

Friday Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles/Californianista Political Machine for Friday

With the departure of former Failure Mayor Antonio (then) Villaraigosa's Education Ally Steve Barr from the 2017 Mayoral Campaign, its readily apparent that the Second Term-seeking Mayor Eric Garcetti will have a "SOFT-resistance" for another four years as the City of LA's Top Officeholder (before seeking upwards political advancement). 
The "Mayor Gar-SOFT-ee Political Brand" know no serious Political Challenges (for now). 
** Blogger's Notes: Great TGIF (especially for grieving "Naught Ready for Prime Time, Thursday Night Football Raider Fans") to all as the filing deadline for aspiring City of LA Political Candidates, has gone the way of a once-feared Political Machine (allegedly). 
With more details pertaining to the final list of approved candidates for the upcoming March, 2017 Municipal Election pending (once all the the potential CD-7 City Council aspirants are processed), we can for now,  keyboard that the former Failure Mayor Antonio (then) Villaraigosa Political Machine's attempt to "feign resistance" to a potential Second Term for Mayor Eric Garcetti, took a mortal blow via the withdrawal of the "Failure Mayor's Education/Charter School Ally Steve Barr from the Mayoral Campaign proceedings.
The withdrawal of Barr, leaves Matthew Schwartz as the only candidate (with past Failure Mayor ties), with six-figures financial resources to that can act as a "candidate speed bump" in keeping the Rhodes Scholar, turned Politico, from garnering 60% plus margin of the votes, for a Second Term ......, unlike a now re-branding "Gubernatorial Candidate Antonio Villargovea" in 2009.
** We pause our bloggin coverage to replicate the following EMERGENCY MESSAGE from former CD-14 City Councilman (and associate of "Gloria Marina") Nick Pacheco.     .  
From 2003 Re-Elect Nick Pacheco Campaign.
#WARNING# I feel obligated to warn all Xavier supporters seeking state offices that Antonio is likely to use his machine against them & their campaign.
Antonio opposed my run for City Council* in '99 so he could have a "friend" in CD 14 against Xavier. They were both my friends at the time BUT Antonio knew I did almost all of the mailers conceived by Xavier's consultant, Kevin Acebo, in his upset victory for Assembly in 1990.** Antonio knew I would choose to support Xavier because of his stronger credentials and superior intellect in the 2001 mayoral election so he worked against my campaign.

*he endorsed his cousin Former Speaker John Perez for the seat^^ but John had to drop out once Union Leader Miguel Contreras & Senator Richard Polanco admonished Antonio he was wrong in making the move without consulting with them. BTW then Assemblyman Cedillo had his own candidate in the race, too.
** Some comments from pending 34th Congressional District Candidate Sara Hernandez:

I am humbled by conversations I've had with Emily's List, friends, family and the community to run for #CA34. I am seriously considering running for the seat. I strongly believe that it's time for the next generation to assume the mantle of leadership in this country, to fight for the rights of all Americans, to push our communities forward, to stand up to the pervasive racism, xenophobia, misogyny and antisemitism that threatens America and our democracy.. 

Hmm, we wonder what the aspiring Congressional Candidate comments are regarding her former Office Boss Francine Godoy?-----Scott Johnson.

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