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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Former LAUSD School Board Member Yolie Flores the Latest #CD 34 Candidate

Former LAUSD School Board Member Yolie Flores (then Aguilar) has re-emerged on the Political Stage as the latest 34 Congressional District Candidate seeking to replace Congressman (to be Attorney General) Xavier Becerra.
From the Facebook Page Cover Photo of the "Yolie Flores for Congress Campaign".
** Blogger's Note: The count of candidates seeking to replace pending California Attorney General (but still) Congressman Xavier Becerra, has ticked upwards again with the addition of former LAUSD School Board Member Yolie Flores. Local discerning political observers will remember that the then "Yolie Flores-Aguilar", was elected to the LAUSD School Board in 2007, as part of then LA Mayor Antiono Villaraigosa's unconstitutional (via AB 1381) attempt to control the Nation's second-largest Public School District. But unlike UBER Mayor Villar Booster Monica Garcia, Flores fronted an independence that garnered her community respect before leaving the board due to health issues----Scott Johnson.

Yolie Flores Congressional Campaign Statement:

For over 30 years I have dedicated my personal and professional life to advancing the idea that ALL children should have the right and the opportunity to pursue their highest aspirations, that parents and grandparents should have the supports and resources to meet their families’ obligations, and that communities should be anchors of support for children and families. I have fought for equity for immigrants and people of color, quality early learning and K-12 education, opportunities for women and girls, marriage equality, and I have been a strong supporter of health care for all. Today, everything we believe in and have ever fought for is in jeopardy. This is why I am running for Congress. 
At my core, I am a fighter for working people and an advocate for kids and families. My experience as a member of the LAUSD Board of Education, CEO of the LA County Children’s Planning Council, my roles in city government and philanthropy, my work at the local and national level, and my background as a social worker have given me the experience to fight at every level for education, family supports, health care, housing, immigration and jobs.
The 34th Congressional District needs a fearless leader in our nation’s capital to protect and advance the collective progress that we have made over the last 50 years. We need a leader that reflects the courage, resiliency and ingenuity of the people of the 34th Congressional District who will unwaveringly deliver the message that our country cannot, WILL NOT, turn back.
I stand ready to represent our district and to fight to protect America’s sacred freedoms and ensure its future is one where every child, every family, and every person lives to fulfill their American dream.

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