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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Pending, Dueling (Current and Ex) Huizar Staffers for #CD34 Campaign?

The pending 34th Congressional Special Election Candidate Vacuum, created by the health-related withdrawal of former California Assembly Speaker John Perez, may result in a potentially, bloggin-lucrative duel between current and ex CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Staffers Jesse Leon and Sara Hernandez respectively .........., benefiting the Campaign of Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez?  
......., for pitting ex Staffer Colleagues against one another in respective, long shot Campaigns to replace Congressman Xavier Becerra.
** Blogger's Notes: As the now apparent Californianista One Party Establishment's "Chosen One", Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, continues to grow a list of endorsements for his Campaign to replace pending California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in the 34th Congressional District, a potential, bloggin-lucrative candidate side show is developing between an ex and current staffer of CD 14 city Councilman Jose Huizar. Former CD-14 Downtown Staffer/Legal Counsel Sara Hernandez, who has formally announced her Campaign, may have a challenge for the affections of the "Huizzynistas" as current Huizar Staffer (and past Campaign Manager) Jesse Leon, STRONGLY broached his thoughts about entering the campaign proceedings. If the Loyola Law School Grad Leon joins the current CORO Southern California Executive Director Hernandez in seeking to replace Congressman Becerra, the resulting "factorization" of Huizar supporters, may ensure Assemblyman Gomez a spot in a sure Runoff ........., and prompt the disclosures of various "internal issues" within CD-14. Below we have posted Facebook-posted comments regarding the #CD34 Campaign from both Leon and Hernandez-----Scott Johnson. 
Former CD 14 Staffer Sara Hernandez.
This has been an unforgettable seven days. After talking to my family, friends, EMILY's List, and former boss Councilman Jose Huizar, I am excited to announce my candidacy for Congress in #CA34!
We need to send a fighter and a doer to Washington with the on-the-ground experience and understanding of how public policy decisions affect everyday Angelenos.
With Donald Trump threatening so many of our communities, I’m prepared to stand up and defend our immigrants, our public schools, our environment and our parents’ and grandparents’ retirement security.
I hope you will join my campaign and consider supporting me in this election. You can go to my website here: www.sarahernandezforcongress.com. I can't win this without you!
Current CD 14 Staffer Jesse Leon
Dear Family:
It’s official! I wanted to let you all know that I have started exploring my potential run for Congressional District 34. I spoke with my wife, Liz Leon (aka Rios), and she fully supports my decision to start exploring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
I also want to thank my boss, Jose Huizar, for his kind words in saying that he believes I will make a very strong candidate for this seat. We spoke yesterday, and I let him know that my heart is in the communities that make up this Congressional seat. I’ve spent nearly two decades of my life fighting for and humbly serving these communities.
Those of you that know me can vouch for the work that I’ve done and the passion I have for that work. What most of you don’t know is that that passion is deeply rooted in every fiber of my being: I advocate for the homeless, because at one point my family was homeless; I volunteer to feed the hungry because several times growing up my family actually had to search for food in dumpsters; I fight for worker rights because I was a child laborer and worked side by side in unsafe factory conditions; I fight for youth employment because this is how I paid for my school clothes; I ran youth camps in Big Bear because I never got to leave the gang infested neighborhood I grew up in.
Long story short, I have dedicated the last two decades of my life selflessly serving the Downtown Los Angeles, Lincoln Heights, Pico-Union and Westlake communities, and more recently all the communities that make up our wonderful CD14 for one plain and simple reason: it is my obligation to serve. I was lucky enough to earn a degree from USC and a law degree from Loyola Law School despite my upbringing, and my life’s work is to give back as much as I can for as long as I can.
The one decision I am one hundred percent certain of is that I will forever regret not exploring this opportunity thoroughly. I care too much for these communities to stand by the sidelines.
The people I’ve approached already are super excited for me. One of them put together the attached campaign logo no more than 30 minutes after I reached out! If I decide to run, I think this will be a pretty great logo to use.
And if I decide not to run, rest assured that I will have our community’s best interests at heart when deciding who deserves our support and backing.
Stay tuned! I will be reaching out soon.
Forever Grateful,
-Jesse Leon

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