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Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Bloggin Merry Christmas to All ......, mixed with "Lumps of Coalsideration" for the "Politico Chosen Few"

On this Blessed Day of the Birth of Jesus, we want wish ALL a Special Christmas ........., and share some cyber, bloggin "Lumps of Coalsideration" with those in need (within the Political Machine). 
 The Bloggin Snowman with "Gifts of Coalsideration" for worthy Politicos.
Sharing some Carbon Love on this COLD Christmas Day.
** Blogger's Notes: Feliz Navidad Bloggin Companeros (translation, MERRY CHRISTMAS Bloggin Friends) to ALL from within the Nation-State Cooling (with sub-zero temps this morning in Big Bear) Enclave of "Cubafornia on the Pacific". On this blessed day we celebrate the Birth of Christ (via copious, economic-simulating "Acts of Giving", with family and friends), we cannot forget those among us, especially certain "Californianista Politicos (and their political brothers and sisters in Urban Blue Amerika), who are suffering from "Post Rigged Elections (allegedly), Secular Holidays Blues". Thus, we would be bloggin remiss if we did not take a few minutes (channeling our normal sardonic humor) to keyboard "Gifts of Coalsideration" to those worthy of our cyber act of giving, as we list below ........., and a SPECIAL NOTE, nominations for the 2016 Mayor Sam Blog Political Ass Clown Awards will be posted tomorrow evening-----Scott Johnson.
1. Public Schools and Universities-indoctrinated SNOWFLAKES: On this "Birthday of an Undocumented Homeless Child from Bethlehem (in occupied Palestine), our traumatized, indoctrinated products of government education, can find solace that the now, "Jesus in Heaven", has granted them with a natural, cold reprieve (with Mother Earth-produced coal for warmth) from the mystical ravages of the One Percent Capitalists-caused Climate Change.  
2. "Zelda Goebbel (aka LA County Board of Supervisor Sheila Keuhl)": Every One Party-controlled, Elected Body, is in need of a misinforming, propaganda-espousing Mouth Piece (with past Thespian experience) to mitigate dissent ........., and the now, "LA County Gang of Five Politburo" has gifted itself with new "Minister of Propaganda Zelda Goebbel", who knows the Verbal Art of Outing (via espousing) Fascism, in regards to President-elect Donald Trump's Immigration Policies.   
3. El Gobernador Geraldo "Moonbeam II" Brown: What will come first via "El Gobernador Geraldo Moonbeam II, the completion of his "High Speed, Cubafornia Prisoner Repatriation Choo Choo ..........., or Cubafornia's first Satellite to prove ........., that its does snow and get below zero in Southern Cubafornia. Sugarloaf in big bear this morning dropped to -1.7 degrees, the coldest temperature since 2012.
4. The Tyrannical Tonto Huevon of CD-14: With no apologies to the Princeton Graduate, we want to match his President-Elect Donald Trump-targeted "Tyrannical Pronouncement" ........., with a bloggin flashback to a UBER-misogynist moment in 2009, as noted in one of many comments.

If you ask me, I think this is were Herny got his domestic abuse skills. Huizar you are the scum of the earth! I hope someone on your staff has the courage to turn you in for what you did to that little girl, you disgraced all men. The worst thong of all this is that you had the gull to do it in public. That tell me that you think you are above the law. Well let me tell you this, you are not. I don't doubt it you are doing worst things to your wife at home. No wonder we never her see her anymore. She probably at home with a black eye and is ashame to come out in public. You arrogant little man, you will get yours.

5. The Curse of AB-109, Prop 47, Prop 57 (and Anti-Christ AL) on the Raider Nation: Despite the best of intentions of the US Ninth Circuit Court, El Gobernador Geraldo Moonbeam II, Cubafornia Gulag/Penal/Parole System and Low Information Voters, the Public-financed efforts to reinvigorate the Oakland Raiders Fan Base ..........., was all for SNAPPIN naught (this season), as the video below explicitly shows. .
Its Over Baby for 2016.


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