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Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Briefs on the "LA/Californianista Political Machine" from our Bloggin Sanctuary/Safe Space

As the "Californianistas" within the mystical "One Party, Greece on the Pacific (now a Reefer) Nation-State", ponder a dire political future without their Crony Capitalism "Sister Hillary", we reconstitute our bloggin endeavors to out the corrupting, exploiting proclivities of those who's "Sanctuary Pronouncements" ............, are merely masking "Enclaves of Exclusive, Political Self-Enrichment". 
A Bloggin Sanctuary within the Californianista-controlled, "Greece on the Pacific".
Californianista's Over-indulgence on Display within the "Greece on the Pacific Nation-State" Capital.
** Blogger's Note: A BEAUTIFUL, rain-cleansed morning from our "bloggin sanctuary/safe space" within the self-pronounced "Greece on the Pacific (now a Reefer) Nation-State", as proclaimed by "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First" and mere Californianista Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon. 
Please pardon the bloggin chuckle (better yet, our continuous exercise in LOL!!), as we revisit how various K-University Californianista Educator/Indoctrinators, granted their Snowflake Charges, the chance to regurgitate various grade-level teachings (via walk outs and local freeway theatrical presentations), that ..............., DONALD TRUMP IS NOT MY PRESIDENT (after all, the Californianista's Special Interests paid to Inaugurate "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First". Que no?)!!
LOL!! It would be so easy to play "bloggin pile-on (and trust us, WE WILL)" regarding the post-election reactions from the likes of National Dependentcrats, "El State Senate Presidente Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon the First", Mayor Eric Garcetti, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, the San Francisco Teacher's Union, Snowflakes, the "Old Gray Hillary-loving Hag on Spring Street (aka.LA Times), along with a certain "Lucrative, One Percent Charter Indoctrination?Education Duo named Minnie and Mark(os). 
But we must be cognizant in playing into the rhetoric that was the byproduct of the losing side in the just-completed elections, which may have played a role in the murder/assassination of a San Antonio, Texas Police Officer  Thus, meriting timely discretion in deference to the family of the fallen Officer.
Further, we want to CLEARLY keyboard, that this blog harbors no hidden agendas, regarding disparaging any group of people, based upon their race .........., but we want to state UP FRONT, that we will continue to bloggin repudiate those who exploit the genuine fears of citizens for political, self-enrichment.
Just in the recent days following President-Elect Trump's stunning victory, the Californianista Political Leadership have shown that they continue to place paramount, the alleged rights of those in the state Illegally, above loyalty to a Constitution that protects the right to dissent. 
Yet in reality, what the Californianista Political Leadership are currently orchestrating is an Agenda Politics-fronted, counter-attack against an expected President Trump Justice Department (via appointments of new US Attorneys), which will have a mandate to clean up corruption, as exampled by the rejected Clinton Political Crime Family. 
To be continue ............ Scott Johnson in CD-14.

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