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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Join Republican Consultant Luis Alvarado ............, and ANA CUBAS (?) for Espanol-flavored Election Commentary

Well-known, local Latino Republican Consultant Luis Alvarado will again grace Spanish Media's Estrella TV, with Election Analysis tonight, as he is joined by Democratic counterpart ...................., former CD-14 City Councilman Jose Huizar Chief of Staff (and failed CD-9 City Council Candidate) Ana Cubas,  
Republican Consultant Luis Alvarado.
** Blogger's Note: This is too good to bloggin ignore, via Luis Alvarado's Facebook Page yesterday. Tomorrow night I will be on a Special Election Night Program on Estrella TV National Network. I along with anchors and Democrat analyst Ana Cubas will be reviewing election results all night long. So if you want to hear results in EspaƱol please tune in at 6PM Pacific Standard Time. As a bloggin Public Service, we would like to remind the political cybersphere of the former Boss of Francine Godoy, unsuccessful 2013 CD-9 Campaign as pictured below----Scott Johnson.  
 Ana Cubas and her Boss cried foul over this Factual Hit Piece.
The Cubas Campaign imploded into a Alcohol-fueled Dysfunctional Exercise

 Just another turn of the Ana Cubas "bloggin door knob".


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