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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Its a Death-inspiring, Tweeting Bombshell Thursday at the "Old Gray Clintonista Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)"

On this Agenda Journalism Bombshell Thursday before Tuesday's Presidential Elections, a Seoul Korea-based LA Times Reporter Steven Borowiec TWEETS his "Life-ending Desires (before deleting)" for Republican President Donald Trump 
The LA Times after its self-caused Implosion of Hillary-supporting Agenda Journalism.
** Blogger's Note: Today marks another "Agenda Journalism Bombshell Thursday" across America as we near the last weekend before Tuesday's Presidential Election and once again, the "Old Gray Clintonista Hag on Spring Street (aka. LA Times) is taking its known brand of Agenda Journalism ...., to a new EXTREME level.
Its no secret (and well documented) that come near Election Time, the supposed LA Fishwrap of Record, is not beyond becoming a propaganda tool for the Democratic Establishment as witness during its 2003 Groping Exclusive, targeting Arnold "The Kennedy Republican" Schwarzenegger during the California Gubernatorial Recall Election.
But some thirteen later, the now, thinner in circulation purveyor of Agenda Journalism, has another pre-election controversy to copy edit/delete away, via a Seoul Korea-based Reporter Steven Borowiec. 
Scribe/Propagandist Borowiec took to his Twitter Account in opining on a Times Magazine "Photo Essay" of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, which was documented by Talk Show Host Alex Jones "Info Wars Website".
Washington D.C. WTOP Radio Station Reporter Nick Ianelli tweeted the following after discovering Scribe/Propagandist Borowiec comments .........,and before the repugnant statement was taken down.
Really hope the @latimes understands that one of its journalists said this about @realDonaldTrump ... before deleting the Tweet.

According to the Washington Examiner, a "Spokeswoman" for the LA Times has yet responded to a request for comment----Scott Johnson.

A LA Times Scribe wishing for the DEATH of Donald Trump.

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