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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bloggin Notes on the Post Election Scorecard for Thursday

With ABSOLUTELY no apologies to a imploded, smothering "Old Gray Clintonista Hag on Spring Street (aka. LA Times)", we keyboard our regular bloggin post-election "Notes on the Election's Scorecard Feature" ............ as Democratic-choreographed, George Soros-financed Protests, take place across the nation. 
The Wreckage of  Bias, Leftist Agenda Journalism on Spring Street.
** Blogger's Note: Great morning from the Bloggin Underground within the pending, One Party, Nation-State of "Greece on the Pacific (aka. the now Golden Herbal State of Ignorance)". As a disclaimer, please note that the pending, chemical-enriched clouds of Second-Hand Pot Smoke, may cause momentary bouts of governmental dependency, mixed with hysterical, anxiety-laden episodes cause by over-exposure to factually-challenged Propaganda, via the LA Times. That said, we commence with our late, great local Sportswriter Allan Malamud-inspired "Notes on Tuesday's Elections Scorecard" ........., before the "Greece on the Pacific Thought Police" seek our cyber silence----Scott Johnson. 
Your potential Political Sugar Daddy.
We begin with a Song Dedication .........., to our former bloggin colleague, turned Tony Villar Designated Driver, a formerly violence-espousing Campaign Front person ........., who has FINALLY managed a winning, political skirmish, that would be none other than, Michael "MEAT/Chief Parker" Trujillo. But Trujillo's momentary success on behalf of  now, Congresswoman-elect Nanette Barragan, cannot compare to "MEAT/Chief Parker's" despair over the repudiation of Clinton Crime Family's rigged-quest for a White House return, which has him longing for ........., 
 a smart, strong independent female who is forward looking and willing to help change America by assisting me in making more babies of color to grow up and vote and maybe run for office to protect the things we believe in. All races, religions and creeds apply inside (the comment section) and we will go from there. This election has made me realize we all need to do our part, and apparently that means have as many kids of color as possible to make my country safe and better. 

........, were sure that Hillary Clinton Idol Margaret Sanger would concur (or not).
EVEN THE LOSERS!! Get lucky sometime.
Will the "Greece on the Pacific Electorate" have an appetite for a "Governor Antonio Villargovea"? 
Meanwhile ............, we cyber-forward to the Gubernatorial Campaign Webpage (its now a reality) of ......., ahhhhh, a former two-term, Failure Mayor, who wants to give a "AHHH VOICE" for all "Greece on the Pacific Citizens (in good standing with the One Party Leadership)". Yes, the now, "Antonio Villargovea Campaign for Governor" is a reality, with a bloggin deconstruction pending.
"The Purveyor of Paid to Smear Propaganda/Agenda Journalism in Southeast LA"
In Southeast LA County ......... the "Paid to Smear/Propaganda" of the "Brian Hews/Los Chacon News" was a BIG LOSER on Election Day. The now discredited, purveyor of factually-challenged, misinformation on behalf of the infamous Chacon Political Family (and Calderonista Cronys), could not mislead the Central Basin Water District Voters into voting for Chacon/Calderon Crony's-fronted Candidates Bob Archuleta and Maria Santillan-Beas as both went down to defeat against Pedro Aceituno and Leticia Vasquez respectively.
Political Look-alikes ............, 
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (Top) and LA County Democrat Party President Eric Bauman (Bottom). 
More bloggin commentary to come.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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