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Saturday, November 05, 2016

A Very Special Brian Hews/Los Chacon News Journalistic Malpractice Disclaimers Report: "Fact-checking Be Damned in Propagandizing for Chacon/Calderon Crony's Takeover (again) of Central Basin Water District"

In a VERY SPECIAL Brian Hews/Los Chacon News Journalistic Malpractice Disclaimers Report, we highlight the Chief Propagandist/Publisher's most current examples of deliberate, non-use of Fact Checking, on behalf of the Chacon/Calderon Crony's efforts to regain control over the Central Basin Water District. 
Publisher/Propagandist Brian Hews, minus Chacon Political Family (and MUSD)-financed Tin Foil Hat.
** Blogger's Note: Its the Saturday before Tuesday's Elections ......... and what is Southeast Los Angeles County's documented purveyor of Political Disinformation/Smears, paramount motivation at this moment? Feigning OUTRAGE (and reposting keyboarded falsehoods) on behalf of the Chacon/Calderon Crony's hand-picked (and financed) Puppet/Challenger, against Central Basin Water District Reformer Director Leticia Vasquez.
An unknown person/group created a Web Page targeting Director Vasquez'z main challenger for re-election, termed-out City of Lynwood City Councilwoman Maria-Santillan-Beas, which was immediately attack for its Misogynistic-undertones ........, and alleged false contents, as keyboarded by the Chief Propagandist/Publisher as excerpted below.

HMG-CN called the first company listed on the site, Lakewood based Bulletin Displays, owned by Mark Kudler. He immediately called everything on the site about him false and defamatory and the 460’s as fabricated. The Santillian-Beas 460’s on the site lists Bulletin Display and also Creative Outdoor Advertising, another company of Kudler’s, as donating $23,000. “I gave her a $5,000 donation and $10,000 in in-kind billboard advertising and nothing else,” said an angry Kudler..

In the interest of Fact-checking the "Fabricated Allegation" by Kudler, the Mayor Sam Blog obtained Director Candidate Santillan-Beas 460 Forms via a visit to the LA County Clerks Election Division Office ..........., and found that Kudler, had indeed given the $20,000 in-kind billboard amount noted on the Web Page (see photo of document below)..
Bulletin Display LLC President Mark Kudler.
Mark, $20,000 is double the difference of $10,000.

Also of interest are the attributed comments via Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and State Senator Ricardo Lara, who are documented endorsers of the Santillan-Beas Campaign.
Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and Senator Ricardo Lara condemned the sexist campaign tactics saying, “there is no place in our electoral system for the kind of disgusting campaign tactics currently being employed against Maria Santillian-Beas in mail pieces and online.” “Senator Lara and I stand with Maria Santillian-Beas against these attacks. The Central Basin needs honest, transparent leadership, and we know that Santillian- Beas will do this and put the values and interests of our community ahead of special interests.”
The last sentence via Assemblywoman Garcia, is yet another sad reminder on her declining reputation as a Political Reformer, as exampled via her recent support of Assemblyman Ian Calderon (aka, nephew of Indicted/Convicted Uncles Tom and Ron) ..........., and the 460 Campaign Form-documented fact, that the likes of Kudler, former Indicted/Convicted Pico Rivera Councilman Ron Beilke, the notorious Leal Law Firm (with former partner Arnoldo Beltran currently the Lynwood City Manager) along with former City of Bell Administrator Pedro Carrillo, are all supporting the Campaign of Santillan-Beas.
Alleged, anti-corruption Reformer Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia ......., and her Contribution to Assemblyman Ian (Nephew of Convicted Ron and Tom) Calderon. 


As for State Senator Ricardo Lara, all anyone has to do in gauging his Ethical Standing is read the page from the Calderon Corruption Case FBI Affidavit, posted below, which highlights his "DEAL" with then State Senator Ron Calderon, that enable him to become the Latino Caucus Leader. Thus, when included with the other inconvenient truths noted above ..........., is another reason to utilize the Paid to Smear Newsprint of Brian Hews, as Kitty Box Liner-----Scott Johnson.
State Senator Ricardo Lara (left), along with current "President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon the First" and former State Senator Darrell Steinberg (Right), can all laugh regarding alleged "Latino Leadership Deal for Non-Profit Cash and Job" with Convicted Politico Ron Calderon.
FBI Affidavit from Ron/Tom Calderon Corruption Case. 
The Official Symbol of the Brian Hews/Los Chacon News Journalistic Malpractice Disclaimers Report.

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