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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

A Bloggin Teleconference Brief for Wednesday

When the task of typing becomes a pain in the neck (and down to the nerve endings), we bloggin improvise by incorporating the medium of "tele-musing" in broaching on the latest, local political chisme ......., and pending Thursday Morning, Mayor Sam Exclusive (wink, wink).
The new-found love of "tele-musing" on those who's follies merit bloggin dialog.
** Blogger's Notes: Hola cyber friends as we resume our daily bloggin endeavors with some technical find-tuning, motivated in part due to "typing issues" .........., and to increasing outreach mobility.  
Some personal background, a few years back this blogger sustain a blunt force injury to the right clavicle (think Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo), that caused a nerve issue which makes the task of typing/writing, a sometimes pain. Thus, the normally simplistic, multi-tasking of keyboarding bloggin musings requires periodic breaks that becomes consuming of finite time budgeting.
That stated, we have taken advantage of available technology to improvise alternatives in dispensing our bloggin duties when needed .......... and our local Political Entities are deserving of partial credit.
In recent decades, with advances in teleconferencing/voice technology, the ability to conduct the People's Business has made public access in observing the affairs of governance, more accessible to a multi-segment of the public (that unless the access becomes too readily utilize by those who's comments, constitute an inconvenience disclosing of political malfeasance). 
Yet, with the increase public access due to technology advances, there are growing incidents when embattled Politicians, seek to shield themselves via creating a tech barrier to mitigate further political exposure. ........,and that said, we will bring tease you on a Thursday Morning, Mayor Sam Exclusive, involving a current, inspiring Politico, who is doing just that.  
Until then ............, hopefully "Spollcheck" is proficient in voice commands----Scott Johnson.

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