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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Post Labor Day Briefs (Galore) on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Wednesday

With less than two months remaining until the 2016 Presidential Elections, numerous, local down-ticket electoral proceedings, are sure to garner bloggin coverage .............., and serve as gauge of anti-Establishment sentiment in a deeply Blue City, County and State.  
California 53rd Assembly District Candidates: Incumbent Assemblyman Miguel Santiago and challenger Sandra Mendoza.
** Blogger's Note: Happy post Labor Day cyber-greetings as we bloggin gear up for rampant coverage of the numerous, local down-ticket electoral proceedings as the deeply-Blue "Greece on the Pacific (a formerly Golden State) Political Machine" gears up to support the "Coughing (and should be Felonious) Her" in November's Presidential Elections. While the likes of the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (aka LA Times)", fixate their joint Agenda Journalism/Editorial/Establishment PR Missives on furthering the "Racist Donald" narrative, a vacuum continues to suck away at needed, objective story budgeting regarding the local, contested down-ticket electoral contests. In the weeks ahead, we will fixate our coverage on certain contests that showcase the infra-mural skirmishes within the local Political Machine as exampled by the repeat battle in the 53rd Assembly District between incumbent Assemblyman Miguel Santiago and "ghost challenger (we are seeking to ascertain active campaign contact information)" Sandra Mendoza. The narrow 45-41% margin of votes separation, between the former Canoga Park-residing Assembly Speaker John Perez Staffer and Mendoza, is more remarkable when you consider that the second time challenger expended a total of $7,658.90 ..............., compare to an Incumbent blessed with $800,000-plus in Special Interests contributions. Below, we list other local contests, perking our bloggin interest----Scott Johnson
25th State Senate District Election between former Assemblyman Anthony Portantino and termed-out LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich.
LA County Board of Supervisors Fourth District Election between Janice "Babs" Hahn and Steve Napolitano.
LA County Board of Supervisors Fifth District Election between Kathryn Barger and Progressive-upstart Darrell Park.
39th Assembly District Election between Assemblywoman Patty Lopez and former Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra.
43th Assembly District Election between Laura Friedman and Ardy Kassakhian.


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