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Friday, September 09, 2016

Friday Glimpses and Hints of Bloggin Content Ahead

As we keyboard glimpses and hints of bloggin content to come next week, we offer the following teases regarding certain aspiring FEMALE politicos, who's recent politically-connected escapades, may inhibited their future hopes of being elected to Public Office.  
Which aspiring FEMALE politicos may have tarnished their Political Capital?
** Blogger's Note: Happy Friday to all ..........., and profound apologies to all in our cyber audience regarding the lack of bloggin content in the last few days. Between emails, phone calls, personal interactions with sources, mixed with family and work obligations, the end result is a lack of quality time to keyboard content. That said, we have made adjustments to insure that content is posted on a consistent basis. Further, we would like to remind our cyber readers that you can send story tips to the following email redspotincd14@yahoo.com for review ..........., and COMMENT on the bloggin content at our Facebook Page, via using the appropriate verbiage (wink, wink). Cyber housekeeping comments aside, we invite you to review below our Friday bloggin glimpses and teases on content posting ......., in the VERY NEAR future (especially on the Monday HOT Briefs). We want to wish everyone a great weekend ............, and remember our fellow Americans taken from us, as we observe the 15th Anniversary of the "9-11-01 Terrorist Attacks"----Scott Johnson. 

1. On Monday HOT Morning Briefs, we will spotlight three local aspiring female politicos who's recent political actions/escapades are raising questions whether they are viable political candidates for Public Office.
2. Which large, local private corporation is seeking State Legislation to create their own internal (and beyond property boundaries) PRIVATE Police Force ............, with full Peace Officer powers?
3. The Mayor Sam Blog will out a supposed "Community Activist ..............., Turned Politically-connected Bully", who needs a refresher course on respecting those who espouse a viewpoint, different from his/her's regurgitated Political Master's Talking Points.
4. Is City Attorney Mike Feuer looking ahead at a possible run for California Attorney General, if current AG Kamala Harris wins the US Senate Seat being vacated by fellow Leftist Progressive Barbara Boxer ..........., and who would want to replace City Attorney Feuer if his state-wide political aspirations were to come true?  
5. We continue our bloggin, expanded coverage beyond the city limits as we present a Mayor Sam Exclusive regarding the "Pay to Smear Antics" of a formerly, award-winning Fishwrap of Record.
6. Was the recent re-branding of the Department of Neighborhood Council ........., a "inside job" to Empower LA's reelection-seeking Mayoral Officeholder ........., and affect the continuing Disempowering of the 90-plus NCs?
7. Is a certain HACLA Commissioner disenfranchising tenants from commenting on the future PRIVATIZATION of Management Oversight of Housing Developments and a possible "University of Scandalous Conduct" connection?
8. Is a certain PLUM Committee Member eyeing industrial parcels for the cultivation of Marijuana is the Legalization of the Herb is passed by California Voters in November?
9. How is RACISM targeting an Immigrant Member of the California Legislature, dealt with by the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine?
10. HOT RUMOR!! A new,expansive Political Blog is in the formative stage, featuring an award-winning Journalist .........., and a local blogger. MORE LATER!!
** BTW, has anyone seen a certain LA-32 NC Board Member who abuses elderly, retired Female Law Enforcement Officers? 



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