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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

California Governor "Misogynist Moonbeam II" pens "Veto/Hate" targeting the "Sister Class"

The State of California "Sister Class (aka. Women)", are subjective (again) to an Act of Political Hypocrisy", as Governor "Misogynist Moonbeam II (aka Jerry Brown)" VETOS Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia and Lorena Gonzalez's respective Bills to grant Tax Breaks on the purchase of Tampons and Diapers.
California Governor "Misogynist Moonbeam II (aka Jerry Brown) balances the State Budget via the "Monthly Cycle/Sanitary/Diaper Costs" of Women.
** Blogger's Note: We momentary pause our City Hall-centric musings to keyboard these brief comments on yet another hypocritical Act of Gender-centric Political Disrespect of California's Sister Class (aka. Women) via Governor "Misogynist Moonbeam II (also known as Jerry Brown)". 

Channeling the mindset of the state's diminishing RINO Consulting Class, the Husband of Ann Gust, VETOed his wife's fellow Sister's-targeted legislation that would of granted tax relief, when purchasing "Female Sanitary Items (think Tampons)" and Diapers ........., citing fiscal restraint.
In a ideal, multi-political party world (or state), the political opposition would have keyboarded multiple missives denouncing the the hypocrisy of the "Second Incarnation of Governor Moonbeam", in allegedly balancing the "Greece on the Pacific (a formerly Golden State) Budget" on the back of the "Sister Class" .........., while wasting Billions of Dollars on a still-mystical High Speed Choo Choo, linking Central Valley Prison Towns.
That said, the reality is the dwindling RINO Consulting Class, is themselves contributing to the Diapers Tax Revenue Stream via the purchase of Depends, as they lose self-control in fearing a growing-possible, Donald Trump Presidency (as exampled by a certain TV-centric Latino RINO), .........., while failing to craft messaging to counter the hypocritical policies of the domineering Labor/Misogynist Left that controls Sacramento.
Thus, in the spirit of empowering a slighted electorate, we propose that the likes of Democratic Assemblywomen Cristina Garcia and Lorena Gonzalez, take a stand against the gender-targeting VETOS of the Governor Misogynist Moonbeam II (and his Machismo legislative allies) ........, by establishing the "Sanitary Items/Diaper Caucus (which is party/gender neutral in membership)"  which espouses Talking Points on a Tax-Free, 28 Days Natural Cycle.
We ponder to think if Governor Misogynist Moonbeam II's endorsed Presidential Candidate Hillary "Wife of Bill" Clinton, was a California voter, if he would of been so hasty in sating NYET to tax-cutting Tampon/Diaper Legislation .........., considering the current health of the "It Takes a Village (with Tampons and Diapers for ALL Sisters)" Author?
Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.
BTW, the following are the Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia Twitter Comments to the Governor "Misogynist Moonbeam II's" VETO of her Tampon Legislation.

please  why it's ok to balance the budget on women's backs? The unfair continues

Your thoughts .................
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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