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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Breaking News!! Hillary's "Medical Episode" at today's NYC September 11 Remembrance

In Breaking Presidential Campaign News, Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton had a "Medical Episode" during this morning's September 11 Remembrance Ceremony at Ground Zero. 
Video of Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton's "Medical Episode" as she suddenly departed today's NYC's September 11 Remembrance Ceremony.
** Blogger's Note: Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is continuing to own the weekend's Presidential Campaign News Cycle ........., for reasons adverse to her quest in garnering a "Billary Third Term" ........, as she suffers another "Medical Episode" at today's September 11 Remembrance at Ground Zero in New York City. The video above clearly shows an impaired Wife of Bill Clinton as she awaited transportation in the wake of her sudden departure from the Ground Zero proceedings. According to news sources, Clinton was taken to daughter's Chelsea's nearby apartment where she rested (and received treatment?........, then emerged a couple hours later to return to her home. This latest "Medical Episode" is surely to become a campaign issue that will test the openness and transparency of the Third Term-seeking "Billary Campaign" in disclosing her health records ......, and more important, test whether the BIAS Main Stream Media, will objectively report on the Medical Fitness of Hillary Clinton to be President .........., in comparison to its previous vetting of Bob Dole and John McCain?-----Scott Johnson. 

Hillary Clinton FAINTING ......,from another angle.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton leaving daughter's Chelsea's Apartment after this morning's "Medical Episode".
Will the Main Stream Media treat Hillary Clinton the same way as Bob Dole and John McCain?

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