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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Rumored (YAWN!!), Bloggin Special Announcement

With no apologies to the likes of "Lil Mikey", "The Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate", "Mini Amin Herman", "The University of Scandalous Conduct" , "The Hollenbeck CPAB", "Mr. and Mrs. Villargovea", "Gar-SOFT-ee", "Disempowerment LA", an aspiring "Poverty Pimp/Queen", "The Brian Hews/Los Chacon News", and "The Julio/Huizzy-created LA-32 Neighborhood Council" ............., the rumored demise of the Mayor Sam Blog is ............, just that.
F%$& Joe!! Mayor Sam is NAUGHT going away.
** Blogger's Note: Please pardon the bloggin YAWN (in between reading the latest on Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson's Real Estate Defaults and flashbacks to his "Political Soul Brother's" Property Tax Issues) .........., but with a busy summer of personal and work-related commitments now a past-life footnote, we pause, exhale and keyboard the following ................, we're BACK!!  
According to sources, trollin, chismosos y chismosas, have been spreading rumors of the pending demise of our late friend Michael Higby's cyber creation .........., and to that we say BULLPOOPY!!
The truth is that the Mayor Sam Blog, will become the sprouting, cyber-seed that spreads our brand of holding local Politicos accountable, to a larger audience, as evident in our recent coverage of Southeast LA County political issues.
In the mere weeks ahead, our expanding coverage will become more evident, while we maintain true to cyber-musing on the current events originating at 200 Spring Street, especially with the pending departure of CD 7's "Clowncilman Felipe Pollo Fuentes" and the growing dialog regarding the proposed, Neighborhood Integrity Initiative
Additionally, this Blogger would be remiss in not stating via the STRONGEST CYBER-TERMS, that Mayor Sam will remain committed to keyboarding missives regarding the continuing assaults (in written, verbal and physical forms) on Openness, Transparency and First Amendment Rights (as recently exampled by the LA-32 NC), within CD 14.
As always .............., your factually-based comments are welcome (via currently, our Facebook Page or email at redspotincd14@yahoo.com) and our cyber-trolling Chismosos y Chismosas can return to regurgitating the latest Friday Email Blast from your Clowncilperson----Scott Johnson. 
An Old School Dedication to our Trollin, Cyber-haters.

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