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Monday, July 18, 2016

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

In the aftermath of the latest Act of Terrorism targeting Law Enforcement Officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck have reversed an earlier Policy Directive, by returning new (and other) METRO Officers to local Divisional Patrol Duties.
LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.
The directive via the embattled Top Cop of the LAPD, includes increased Helicopter Patrols and the enhanced vetting of 911 Calls, in addition to reinforcing Patrol resources. Previously, Chief Beck and Mayor Garcetti's Directive to increase the size of the METRO Unit, in response to the rising, violent crime rate, was met with concerns regarding the redeployment's impact on community policing initiatives and staffing of Divisional Patrol Units.  
** The Los Angeles Police Protective League issued the following Statement regarding yesterday's Act of Terrorism/Ambush, targeting Baton Rough Law Enforcement Officers.

Los Angeles, CA—Our prayers and deepest sympathies go to the families and friends of the Baton Rouge police officers and sheriff’s deputies who were ambushed and murdered this morning. We also pray for the recovery of the surviving officers. To the men and women of the Baton Rouge Police Department and East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s office, we mourn with you.To the civic leaders of our nation, the platitudes and “rhetorical support” for law enforcement must end and be replaced with action. Our police officers deserve your strongest support and undivided attention. Now that ten law enforcement officers have been murdered in ten days, what will you do to keep our communities safe? We need your actions, not your words.To the anti-police activists, whose apparent sole focus is to lay blame for all the ills of society on those who wear a law enforcement uniform, save your statement of “condolence” to the families of these slain officers unless it is accompanied by the same level of outrage and contempt exhibited after recent officer involved shootings. Anything less would be hypocritical.In just over one week’s time, this nation has seen its law enforcement officers targeted, hunted and murdered again. We cannot keep our neighborhoods safe if the men and women we ask to protect our communities face ambush around any potential street corner. These officers paid the ultimate sacrifice for simply doing their job. The families of police officers are living in fear each day their loved ones don their uniform and reports for duty. This must end.

**  Excerpt from Mayor Eric Garcetti's Official Statement regarding yesterday's Act of Terrorism/Ambush targeting Baton Rouge Law Enforcement.

"This violence against police officers undermines our democracy. Today, we are adding resources to make sure that our Los Angeles Police Department and other public safety agencies are supported. This includes increasing our air assets, shifting Metropolitan Division officers to a role of force protection to help back up patrol officers responding to calls for service, and adding additional resources to help screen our 911 calls. Please do all you can to support and thank our officers and their families today and every day."Our collective voice must rise up to condemn this latest shooting in what is unfortunately becoming a horrifying trend.

** Lastly, we post the following News Release from the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS) with attached Photo of deceased Baton Rouge Police Officer Montrell Jackson.
We join in solidarity with law enforcement officials and agencies throughout our country in condemning in the strongest possible terms the attack on peace officers in Baton Rouge this morning. While we do not yet know, let alone begin to understand the circumstances surrounding the killing and wounding of these police officers, we know that violence directed at the very men and women sworn to uphold the rule of law undermines our society and threatens our freedom. The time is now for America to pull together to find solutions to these senseless assaults on law enforcement. We end our statement with the Facebook post of Montrell Jackson, one of the three slain Baton Rouge police officers.  He leaves behind a wife and four-month-old son:
 Deceased Baton Rouge Police Officer Montrell Jackson with Infant Child.

Our Prayers and Thoughts are with ALL within the Greater Law Enforcement Family.
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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