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Sunday, July 10, 2016

HOT Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Monday

As a Country continues to mourn (and coalesce its support) for those Killed and Wounded in the Dallas, Texas Domestic Terrorist Assault, targeting White Law Enforcement Officers, discerning local observers are questioning why Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Charlie Beck would meet with Rappers "Snoop Dog" and "The Game" ........., who is facing civil and legal sanctions for an assault on a Off-duty LAPD Officer.
From left to right: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, "The Game", Mayor Eric Garcetti and Snoop Dogg,
** As the protests (and Leftist/Anarchists choreographed violence) continues in the wake of last Thursday's Act of Domestic Terrorism, targeting Dallas, Texas Law Enforcement, the efforts of those seeking to commence dialog in the hopes of bridging a widening, segregating  "Moot of Racial Animosity", is creating the stage for "Chance Interactions" in need of background vetting, as exampled by last Friday's spontaneous gathering at LAPD Headquarters. 
With the setting being the Latest LAPD Police Academy Graduating Class Ceremony, Rappers Snoop Dogg and "The Game" led a peaceful procession of Minority-American Males, that sought to reestablish "respect and dialog" which evolved into an after-graduation ceremony meeting with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, Mayor Eric Garcetti and other Public Officials
But as the video below shows, "The Game" has some pending legal and civil issues regarding a 2015 physical assault of an Off-duty LAPD Officer during a basketball game. 
Discerning observers are pondering why Mayor Garcetti and LAPD Brass would involve themselves in a meeting with someone still facing a Felony for assaulting a Police Office ........, but then the need to be a "part of the story" sometimes corrupts the normal protocols of official interactions. 

TMZ Video of Rapper The Game punching Off-duty LAPD Officer Onyebuchi Awaji.
** We should note that the likes of Snoop Dog, The Game, Mayor Garcetti,  LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and MOST Public Officials ......................, were SILENT regarding the FBI/Department of Justice Indictment's of seven Latino Gang Members for the racial fire bomb targeting of African American Families, residing in the Ramona Gardens Housing Project. We noted here at Mayor Sam right after the attacks took place, CD 14 City Councilman Jose Huizar and Mayor Garcetti sought to avoided any mention of this "Act of Communal Terrorism" until the likes of Earl Ofari Hutchison and Najee Ali, pressed the Second Term-seeking Mayor to speak out. Why the SILENCE regarding the Indictments? Maybe it has to do with the BLUNT FACTS that Brown on Black Gang Crimes, kill more young men (and innocent children) .........., than the LAPD in South LA.
Immediate Aftermath  of Ramona Gardens Fire Bombing.
** We want to give bloggin witness to PSA Video below created by African-American Country Singer Coffee Anderson .........., that will SAVE LIVES. Please take the time to share Anderson's GREAT TEACHING TOOL, on how to conduct yourself if pulled over by Law Enforcement. We all need to remember that Police ........., and you are Human Beings, that should be accorded respect ..........., and the right to return home every evening.
Country Singer Coffee Anderson Life-saving PSA Video.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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