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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Morning Briefs on the Internal Dysfunctional LAPD Machine for Wednesday

As the Police Protective League takes LAPD Chief Charlie Beck to task over his Deployment of Officers and the ensuing disinformation on the rise of Violent Crimes in the City of Los Angeles, retire State of California Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre in a CityWatch LA Exclusive, discloses another "dubious" allocation of department rank and file personal.
Its GOOD to be LAPD Chief Charlie Beck (especially when the wife is not lurking, allegedly).
Blogger's Note: Its a truism that the positive perception of any municipality is rooted in the professional reputation of its Public Safety Departments (Police and Fire) and judging from recent missives directed at LAPD Charlie Beck (and his civilian overseers), perception is becoming reality that a crisis of leadership exists, that coincides with an increasing (and misreported) Crime Rate.

Yet, the same Department Leadership under embattled Chief Charlie Beck that is responsible for doctoring down the number of Violent Crimes, is facing a new wave of criticism from the LAPD Rank & File-representing, Police Protective League, regarding the Chief's recent changes in deployment of officers to combat the rising crime rate. 
Not helping the cause of Chief Beck, in exercising self-preservation, retorting the rising level of criticism of his leadership, is a CityWatch LA Exclusive by retired State of California Parole Officer Caroline Aguirre, that discloses the questionable allocation of department personal, to a newly-created Community Relations Division, as finite resources are being stretched thin.

More recently Chief Beck established the new Community Relations Division (CRD). This new established unit is being referred to as completely dysfunctional and a complete waste of taxpayers’ dollars by rank and file members. Sources stated that Beck allocated one million taxpayers’ dollars for this new division. As with the Metro unit police officers were recruited from various police divisions which resulted in yet more vacant patrol positions. It is unclear what the true goals are with CRD. It can be stated that they are also referred to as the TWEET Division. The police officers assigned to CRD attend police sponsored functions at various police divisions where they take photos of the event and then tweet them off to Lord knows who. CRD wants to gain credit where credit has not been earned. Example in point: recently CRD officers went to various businesses in the Hollenbeck area. They took photos with community business owners and managers and then left the immediate area to return to their office. Initially they were assigned to assist the Hollenbeck division Senior Lead officers with walking foot patrols. Is taking photographs part of their foot patrol responsibilities? Now the Captain in charge of this new Community Relations Division has requested an additional 70 officers as noted in her 2016-2017 budget request. This would cause even more police officers to be removed from various police divisions.

NEWLY promoted "Special Position Captain" Ruby Malachi, commanding the recently-created Community Relations Division

The selection of the Commanding Officer of this new unit, is raising eyebrows (and the gossip level) as some are opening questioning Chief Beck for rewarding a "CLOSE associate" and mismanaging department resources to justify her new position. 
Noted LAPD Blogger Jasmyne Cannick is reporting that a complaint to the Department Inspector General has been filed regarding the alleged inappropriate relationship between that NEWLY-promoted Captain Malachi and Chief Beck, which if true, merits a review of the fitness of Chief Beck to remain LAPD's Top Cop.
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Scott Johnson in CD 14

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