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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Morning Brief on the Evolving Eric and Wendy Political Relationship for Tuesday

Could the evolving Political Relationship between now Mayor Eric Garcetti and former Mayoral Challenger Wendy Greuel be a precursor for a new Valley Greuel Officeholder-seeking Incarnation ........, or a Garcetti-choreographed union to forestall a potential 2017 Mayoral Challenge from a "Noted Greuel Ally"? 
The Fresh Greuel of the Mayor Garcetti Administration.

** Blogger's Note: Discerning political observers were doing a visual double-take as Mayor Eric Garcetti appointed a youngish Greuel to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) Board of Commissioners. 
Its so happens that the new Mayor Garcetti appointee shares the same name as the former CD 2 City Councilwoman, City Controller, Mayoral Candidate and Congressional aspirant Wendy "Boss D'Arcy's Greuel", but has a look of a much younger and refreshed appearing version of the San Fernando Valley-based Politico .........., in search of a new political incarnation? 

With the on-going troubles of the Northeast San Fernando Valley Democratic Machine heading towards a FBI/Federal Grand Jury Resolution, it should be no coincidence that a "New-looking Greuel" would reappear at City Hall. 
Local CD-7 political activists, who are vetting possible candidates to replace out-going City Councilman Felipe Fuentes in 2017, should note that the former area-representing Greuel, only served parts of two terms as the then CD 2 Officeholder ......., and could make another run. 
Yet, while its easy to get fixated on the future plans of Mayor Garcetti's Fresh Greuel, we should not gloss over another possible reason for the Mayor Garcetti/Wendy Greuel Rapprochement ........, and that has to do with a possible 2017 Mayoral Challenge from a "Noted Greuel Ally". 
Since the 2015 CD 14 City Council Campaign that saw Councilman Jose Huizar beat back a challenge from former LA County Board of Supervisor Gloria Molina, the talk of a "2017 Huizar for Mayor Campaign" have not cease. 
Thus, its not inconceivable that Mayor Garcetti's appointing of the "New Look Greuel" was a political maneuver, that marriages the future political interests of both ........, at the expense of the CD 14 Officeholder----Scott Johnson.        
The 2013 Mayoral Campaign Personas of Greuel and Garcetti.
The City Council Faces of Greuel and Garcetti.

......., and an ambitious Downtown Politico ponders his Officeholder Future.

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