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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Creditable Terrorist Threat (whoops hoax) shutters all LAUSD Educational Facilities for Tuesday

The Los Angeles Unified School District takes the drastic step of shuttering all its affiliated educational facilities in response to a Creditable Terrorist Threat email to one (or more) School Board Members.
A "Creditable Break from Finals" for LAUSD.

** Blogger's Note: Dawn rose (again) on the reality that we live in unsafe times ......, and how our elected leaders respond to "creditable threats" are sure to garner intrinsic scrutiny, especially when a half-million children are forced to remain home.
The respective School Districts in New York and Los Angeles, were the recipients of "threats", targeting school facilities within the last 24 hours. But the credibility and ensuing responses resulting from both threats, could not be more different.
In New York, authorities quickly deemed the threat a hoax, with former LAPD Chief, now the city's Police Commissioner Bill Bratton stating the following ......, "These threats are made to promote fear...we can not allow us to raise the levels of fear,"  
But in Los Angeles, LAUSD Superintendent Ruben Cortines, did not delay in ordering a break from the Fall Semester Finals Week, in shuttering all LAUSD affiliated educational facilities for today as campuses conduct safety sweeps.
Surely, as more details emerge on the LAUSD threat, media comparisons on the respective responses to Los Angeles and New York threats will dominate the news coverage ......., but meanwhile the children are still safe, in both LA and New York-----Scott Johnson in CD 14.

11:00 A.M. Update: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and Mayor Eric Garcetti stand behind the decision of Supt. Cortines to shut down all campuses ........, as the media (and Public Official's) scrutiny of his actions commences. 

Noon Hour Updates: ISIS is gleeful over the reaction of the alleged, LAUSD Officials-created "Panic in the American Los Angeles".

Sadly, the closing of LAUSD campus played a indirect role in the tragic death of a Highland Park Los Angeles International Charter School Student, who was in route to class, returning home after classes were canceled, when he was struct and killed by a City Of Los Angeles Street Service Vehicle, at the problematic, Avenue 60 and Figueroa Intersection according to the LA Times.

From the Hermon Community Facebook Page.

Families, friends, students and staff at the award-winning L.A. International Charter High School in HERMON were deeply sadly this morning to hear from L.A. Police that a young man (identified as Andres Perez of Montebello) struck down as a pedestrian near 7:30 a.m. at Figueroa and Avenue 60 was in fact one of the members of the senior class, walking from home near Highland Park to the school's hilltop campus here. Death was reportedly instantaneous, and the driver (*CORRECTING: of a big-rig semi truck) remained at the scene. Family was in transit to the scene when the school was informed at about 8:30 -- based on his student ID. School officers have joined them there. Hermon 's prayers go with the family and his classmates!

So much for NOT politicizing a tragic death. 

Congressman Adam Schiff is calling the email threat directed at LAUSD ......., "some type of hoax".

Evening Update: We have a Dueling Battle of the Chiefs. New York (and former LAPD Chief) Police Commissioner Bill Bratton states that LAUSD over-reacted to the same email hoax. Current LAPD Chief Charlie Beck lashes back at Bratton for mocking the reaction of LAUSD.

Damned the Hoax ........, continue learning ahead!!: When the going gets rough via a Hoax interfering with the process of learning at Boyle Height's Roosevelt High School , well ........, how about a little whining to go with the twitter?

“When you have a savage teacher and she still wants you to complete her final even though there’s no school,” one of her students wrote on Twitter. The student deleted the post, but still re-tweeted more than a half-dozen responses from friends and classmates also slamming the teacher as “crazy.” “We probably dying and s— and she will be like your hands still work there is no excuse,” another wrote, while a third said she was “hating” the teacher. 

Bulldogs .........., and Tigers are laughing at the current state of alleged "Rough Riders".

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