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Friday, February 06, 2015

TGIF Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine

As another bloggin work week gives way to another 2015 Campaign Weekend, the likes of CD 15 City Councilman "Average Joe" Buscaino, Congresswoman Janice "Babs" Hahn and former "Failure Mayor" Antonio Villar, are mulling thoughts of future political opportunities. 
All aboard the ship of possible future political adventures for a current CD 15 Councilman, Congresswoman and ex Mayor. 

Setting the sails for a new political tomorrow (maybe).
We chance upon the above photo of three Los Angeles Politicos, posing on the deck of the World War Two New Jersey Class Battleship USS Iowa, who may be setting a course for a new political tomorrow.
In recent weeks, much speculative column inches have been devoted to a possible run for US Senate by former "Failure Mayor" Antonio Villar, dominating the recent discussion is the role of the Northern California Democratic Machine and its attempt to keep the political playing field clear of any challengers for its chosen candidate California Attorney General Kamala Harris.
But that strategy by the "Nortenos Democrats" has only engender a bigger push back from their "Latino-dominated Surenos Counterparts" as exampled by the recent comments of former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, and if the former "Failure Mayor" decides to run, in the words of former of "Failure Mayor" Villar Crony Jimmy Blackman .........., Villaraigosa, a former state Assembly speaker, will relish the role of underdog if he gets in the race, said Jimmy Blackman, who was a top Villaraigosa aide in the Legislature and the mayor’s office.“Campaigns get ugly, and Antonio respects Kamala Harris, but this is business,” Blackman said.  
Let the firing of political broadsides commence.
** For the political tandem of Congresswoman Janice "Babs" Hahn and her CD 15 City Council successor "Average Joe" Buscaino, a change in political course by her may again influence the "Average Joe" into making another life-changing decision.
With LA County Board of Supervisor Don Knabe vacating his seat due to term limits in 2016, the thoughts of having an offspring of legendary Supervisor Kenny Hahn installed, has prompted the two-term Congresswoman to give serious consideration to a possible run, but just because you are a "Hahn" is not a guarantee of victory in this moderate district.
That said, if Congresswoman Hahn seeks to follow in her esteem father's political footsteps, the "Average Joe" that replace her as its current Councilman, would find it wise to remember a pledge he made in a interview sometime back, as he mulls a possible Congressional Campaign. ** We should note that during the course of answering these questions, Buscaino pledged that being CD 15 City Councilman is his only political endeavor. Thus, don't plan on him running for any other political office. 
Besides remaining true to his words, the lay of the congressional district landscape are not favorable for "Congressional Candidate Average Joe". First, while currently a register Democrat (a Blue Dog one a that), there is that issue of a formerly register Republican "Average Joe" that would surely become fodder for campaign mailers ......., and as the "Daily Kos" reports, the competition is already growing. State Sen. Isadore Hall III told Roll Call that he's definitely running for Hahn's House seat if she leaves, and he's already lined up the support of nearby Rep. Karen Bass. Hall ran in this district in 2011, but dropped out at the end of the year after he failed to gain enough traction.
Fellow Democrat Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino is also considering a bid, but Roll Call's Emily Cahn notes he'd be at a geographic disadvantage against Hall: Buscaino's council seat makes up a smaller portion of CA-44 than Hall's state Senate district does. Roll Call also gives us a few other potential Democratic names: Compton Mayor Aja Brown; South Gate Councilor Maria Davila; and South Gate City Clerk Carmen Avalos. This district is blue enough that two Democrats could easily advance past the top-two primary and continue to battle into the general election.
Keep to the pledge Joe.
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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