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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Hump Day

As members of the Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee embrace the report by CAO Miguel Santana that calls for a half cent Sales Tax Hike to repair streets and sidewalks, we await statements from the likes of Mayor Eric Garcetti and his Board of Public Works President Kevin James whether they support (or oppose) burdening Angelinos with an additional tax.  
Will former Mayoral Candidate, now Board of Public Works President Kevin James and Mayor Eric Garcetti, jointly comment regarding the proposed half cent Sale Tax Hike to repair street and sidewalks?
Hey now Board of Public Works President Kevin James and Mayor Eric Garcetti, care to comment in support, or opposing the latest attempt to burden Angelinos with more taxes? 
It seemed like yesterday (it was) that we were commending City of Los Angeles Chief Administrative Officer Miguel Santana for his comments regarding holding off on new spending and employee pay raises for the next three years, while replenishing the cities fiscal reserves.
But as the sun rises on another Chamber of Commerce Day in Ciudad de Los Angeles, many within the business community and dwindling Middle Class must be pondering what Santana was smoking (or imbibing) as he crafted a report that calls for raising the City of LA's Sale Tax by a half penny to pay for street and sidewalk repairs over fifteen years.
While it should surprise no one that most of the LA City Clowncil Central Committee, especially its General Secretary/President/Dictator Herman "Mini Amin" Wesson, are collectively gleeful at the prospect of lavishing upwards of $4 Billion Dollars of Public Works Contracts to their Brothers and Sisters in Labor (in return for campaign contributions). Angelinos know all too well that past tax/fees hikes proposals (think increase trash fees for more police) originating from 200 Spring Street, end up paying for non-intended budgetary line items (can you say employee pay raises?).
That said, its fair to ask Mayor Garcetti and his former mayoral challenger, now Board of Public Works President Kevin James to state for the record, whether they support this latest "tax copout" to cover up for failed, long term planning and misplace fiscal priorities at City Hall. After all, leaders do take policy positions on occasions.
** If those in our cyber audience ever ponder why we have bestowed the gloss of "City Clowncil Central Committee" upon the fifteen elected officials within a horseshoe at City Hall, this next headline should tell you why, from the Drudge Report ........... 3 LA City Councilmembers Launch Study to Determine If Fracking Caused Earthquake. Maybe "Clowncilmans Moe, Larry and Curly" should be more worry about the price of a gallon of 87 Octane Gas approaching $4.00 again?
** We found this interesting response from a former LAFD Firefighter yesterday of Facebook in regarding the consultant-crafted report on the emergency response to the LAX Shootings as lauded by Mayor Eric Garcetti ............, Let me get this straight: LAX has the Contractor they hired to DEVELOP the emergency plans 15 months prior to the 11/1/13 active shooter to write the after action report on gaps in the plan... while still working on the plan after getting an additional 18 months of contract time? Obviously, I'm doing something wrong... or were the multitude of emergency drills at LAX an exercise in denial?
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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