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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things Are Koo-Koo Krazy

Following President Obama's second inaugural, he's finding opposition from some unlikely sources.

During the 2012 campaign, a video went viral featuring a Cleveland, Ohio woman, Michelle Dowery, who was praising a government program that makes available free cell phones to low income individuals. The phones came to be known as "Obamaphones." In that same video, Ms. Dowery expressed displeasure with the GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, saying the former Massachusetts Governor, well, uh, "sucks - bad."

However, in interviews with Libertarian talkradio host, Alex Jones, Ms. Dowery now states her displeasure with the President, his performance and his honesty. In issues ranging from an increase in her payroll taxes despite promises that Obama would not raise any taxes on individuals making less than $250,000 a year to cell phone companies getting rich off the Obamaphones which in her view provide insufficient airtime minutes for users, all the way to gun control (Ms. Dowerey believes that individuals need guns to protect themselves from criminals as she claims the police have not done so in her community), the former Obamaphone lady has no further love for Barack Obama. We include the full interview below.

In an even weirder turn, the generally left leaning, anarchist, hacktivist group, Anonymous has put out a video slamming Obama's gun control proposals, making the point that many gun advocates have expressed that existing laws against guns, murder, etc. have done little to curb violence in America that limiting the liberties of the law abiding will have no effect as well.

To be clear, Anonymous does not have a central policy wing and statements are made in the crowd-sourced, structure free environment that is the Anonymous movement. Suffice to say, however, Anonymous does not generally fall along traditional conservative lines. An Anonymous affiliated Twitter account released the following statement:

Anonymous, however, has no ideology except an overall belief in the resistance to tyranny, government abuse and censorship.

And that was only day one of term two!

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