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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mike Feuer's "Contradiction of Spin" regarding "Bet Tzedekgate"

Mike Feuer continues to provide "Contradictions of Spin" as more questions on "Bet Tzedekgate" continue to arise.
City Attorney Candidate Assemblyman Mike Feuer in recent photo with fellow former Bet Tzedek Executive Directors (from left to right) Luis Lainer ($1,300), Terry Friedman ($500), Feuer, David Lash ($1,000), Mitchell Kamin ($1,000) and current E.D./CEO Sandor Samuels ($1000 + the amount of $750  from his wife). Photo via the Los Angeles Dragnet Blog. (** bolded amounts denotes Feuer contributions).

A story of questionable campaign contributions by officials and associates of Bet Tzedek to City Attorney Candidate Mike Feuer, continues into its second week.
This thanks to questions posed by the Metropolitan Press Enterprise and the subsequent "contradiction of spin" by the Feuer Campaign is noted in the latest report from the long-standing Legal News entity.

Feuer, a former executive director of Bet Tzedek Legal Services, was plagued last week by allegations that his campaign accepted “legally questionable” contributions from “officials and associates” of the non-profit organization, which in July 2011 entered into a $398,000 contract with the city’s Department of Aging. Under voter-approved Measure H, meant to curb so-called “pay-to-play” practices, candidates for city office are prohibited from accepting donations from individuals who have bid or are bidding for city contracts of $100,000 or more,Feuer told the MetNews before the debate that the original Bet Tzedek contract at issue was not subject to Measure H and that while the amendment of the contract was subject to the restrictions, with the exception of one donation, which was promptly returned, all of the questioned contributions his campaign received during the applicable blackout period came from board members who weren’t prohibited from donating.The allegations, reported initially on a local political blog, drew a heated response from Feuer, who said it was shameful that anyone would use legal donations to score points off of the disadvantaged people that Bet Tzedek helps.

While assuming that current President and CEO Sandor Samuels may have been the source of the "returned contribution" noted above, we bring your attention to this contribution from Robert Schwartz.
09/18/12Robert Schwartz  
(Attorney, O'Melveny & Myers LLP)
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Mike Feuer 
City Attorney

1341335 - Mike Feuer For City Attorney 2013
A - Monetary Contribution Received
(IND - Individual) 

[Period: 07/01/12 to 09/30/12]

Currently on Bet Tzedek Board Web Page, a Robert Schwartz of the same law firm is listed. Further, a "Chairman Robert Schwartz" who works in the same zip code (90067), is noted on the City Ethics Commission Bidder Contributions CEC Form 55. Thus, would also be prohibited from contributing under the new Measure H rules.

We invite the Feuer Campaign to comment on the legality of Bet Tzedek "Board Chairman" Robert Schwartz's campaign contribution.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.

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