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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Back!

Hola again from the Sanctuary City-State in "Greece on the Pacific".
Dedicated to the "Infant Assemblyman", Assemblyman (Speaker?) Jimmy "PAC Laundryman" Gomez, Legacy LA, Mayor Tony Villar, "Mini Amin Wesson", Marcos Aguilar and especially my Dear Charro, Princeton Graduate City Councilman Jose Huizar.

Are you ready for the bloggin political insurgency?
Contrary to the advice of the Spanish Mechista Columnist for the "Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street Steve Lopez, I have decided to remain among my brothers and sisters comrades, within the one party state of "Greece on the Pacific"..Lord knows I may even part ways some of my remaining cash (after paying raised local and state taxes), to buy a pair of Birkenstocks, Maoist garb and apply for a "EBT Card", to become one with the growing government-dependent, collectivist masses within the Labor Left Worker Paradise along the Left Coast.
It would be so easy to conform to the edits of the ruling Labor Left. Have a spare twenty? Donate to the SEIU Cope Fund. Recycle my cans, plastics, paper and buy Carbon Credits to save our big blue collectivist marble home? Of course, as long as you return my CRV money and especially if carbon credits provide nourishment to carbon-needy plants (maybe a carbon-burning SUV could help more?).
But conformity has its limits when some guilt-ridden, left-wing former sports writer advocates relocation to some hick hollow, in lieu of changing political thought.

Why should this barrio born and raised conservative Gabacho relocate to a foreign land? Why vacate the formerly Golden State for some Kentucky hollow, with cars mounted on milk crates and moonshine in jugs, when my Latino friends have perfected the technology of hydraulics and a bottle of "Ghetto Bird", with paper bag, is only a corner liquor store away in mi barrio ( please pardon my Steve Lopez generalization moment)?

Why should I part ways from a community that promotes family, faith and hard work, that is being corrupted by easy access to the "drugs of government dependency", in the form of Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC vouchers and contraception on demand?

Granted, Lopez has some valid points about the perception of Republicans, but why should I take advise from a columnist for a fishwrap that does not have one local conservative commentator of note on its payroll? It only seems like yesterday that the Times was investing column inches in attempting to derail a citizen revolt against another failed collectivist Gray Davis, by attacking the former "Kennedy Republican Governor" during its "LA Antonio Times Era" of pro Mayor Villar reporting (** BTW, did the Times ever dedicate any resources to investigate the rumored "fifth child" of Antonio?). Pity the fish who is wrapped in the Editorial Page, only to be reincarnated someday as a collectivist-leaning flounder, that goes litigious on BIG SHARK for its predatory practices, due to its prior life exposure.

For sure, if the Republican Party in the now "Greece on the Pacific" is to survive longer than the print edition of the Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street (not hard with the right strategy), an extreme makeover is a MUST! Disavowing the defeatist advise from the RINOs and moderates, the true small government believers must assume the persona of a loyal political opposition insurgency. Instead of a political retreat, an audacious plan of infiltration of liberal strongholds with a color blind message that promotes the values of limited government, mixed with blunt examples of waste and corruption that is the norm of the Labor Left one party rule, is paramount for a resurgent GOP.

But most important in reviving the GOP brand in "Greece on the Pacific" is the combination of grass roots outreach on the local level, mixed with embracing the power of new media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube). Lets not kid ourselves with thoughts that the likes of Steve Lopez and his Fellow Travelers at the Old Gray Collectivist Hag on Spring Street, are going to exercise a random act of journalism in reporting objectively on GOP outreach efforts. To the contrary, agenda journalism must be confronted and exposed for its bias corruption period ..... and if Mr. Lopez takes issue with that comment, then he can go play soccer among the increasing empty corridors of the former fishwrap of record, as we move forward with our bloggin political insurgency.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14.  



Anonymous Anonymous said:

1. Advise/advice,edit/edict...what the hell; WOLCOME BACK!!!
2. You forgot to mention Obamaphones & perennial unemployment bennies on the govt freebies list.
3. What makes you think Republicans are any better or the answer? Gullible, idiotic voters are the problem.

November 28, 2012 12:32 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

On December 13th, 2012, the Los Angeles Times will cost $1.50 at the newsstand. This is a 50 percent increase from the current $1.00. This is an outrage. This is not for the bulky Sunday paper, this is for Monday through Saturday. I guess Sam Zell is really greedy. People should speak up to prevent this from happening in a couple of weeks. On another issue, I noticed Higby's favorite member of the LACCD Board of Trustees, Tina park is not running for a second term. Why is she leaving after only one term?

November 28, 2012 12:49 PM  

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