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Friday, May 25, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political machine for Getaway Friday

Great getaway Friday as millions of Americans (including this blogger) hit the roadways to celebrate the start of the summer season. This commentator will be on bloggin recess until Tuesday when we return to the scramble before Election Day a week later. In the spirit of this holiday, take the time to remember those who gave the Ultimate Sacrifice to preserve our freedoms, God Bless America---Scott Johnson 
** But we leave you with these political briefs.
Betty Pleasant stockpiles for a life without plastic (bags)  
The City of Los Angeles City Clowncil Central Committee and its eco-fascist allies pass their ban on plastic bags, along with adding a 10 cents charge for the right to choose a paper sack to load your groceries into. Longtime South LA Newspaper Columnist Betty Pleasant is not one to go into a "no plastic future" with choices.as she notes in this week's "Another Soulvine Thursday".
AND FINALLY — The Los Angeles City Council did Wednesday what the Board of Supervisors did earlier — voted to ban single-use plastic bags from the marketplace. I knew they would, because the city always copies the county. But I’m ready. I’ve been hoarding plastic bags ever since the county enacted its measure. I need those bags. I have three beautiful cats and I dispose of their dirty cat litter in those bag. In anticipation of Wednesday’s move by the city, I have amassed a barrel full of plastic bags which I keep in my garage. My cats and I will not be denied plastic waste disposal bags. (I’m just glad I don’t have dogs.)

BTW Betty, care to mention (or give credit to) what one council member voted no on the plastic bag ban?
Arturo Chavez gets Endorsement of EGP News in 51st AD Contest
 51st Assembly District Candidate Arturo Chavez.
The Eastern Group Publications which is the largest Latino owned newspaper chain in the nation, has endorsed Arturo Chavez in the 51st Assembly District Race as noted below.
Arturo Chavez in the 51st District. While we think that Luis Lopez has some excellent qualities and ideas about health care, in our view Arturo Chavez is better versed and prepared to deal with the full spectrum of issues facing constituents in this district. There will be no on the job training period for Chavez, who has a wealth of experience on legislative issues. Chavez impressed us with the depth of his knowledge on issues from transportation, to jobs, to healthcare and education. And as a former business owner, he understands that government doesn’t always have the answers, and can be a detriment to a business’ survival.  Vote for Chavez. 

Strange, no Jimmy "GPS" Gomez mention in the editorial, maybe he could not compute EGP's location?
Issues continues at Academia Semillas del Pueblo 
Student meals deliver to Academia Semillas del Pueblo's Navarro Street gate.
As a follow up to our story regarding permits/license issues for the Academia Semillas del Pueblo's Xocolatl  Coffer Shop/Cafeteria, we we sent this photo of meals being brought to the campus via private vehicle.. We have confirm with the Los Angeles County Health Department that the coffee shop was not permitted to be used for the preparation of student meals Surely, we will continue our coverage Academia next week.
Your thoughts ............
Scott Johnson in CD 14


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