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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Questions for and Maybe Some Answers from "Private Citizen" John Shallman

Democratic Political Consultant and "non-public figure" John Shallman (center) with Republican Consultant Allan Hoffenblum at a "political speaker forum" on the campus of Flintridge Prep in 2008.
Political Consultant John Shallman and "non-public figure" John Shallman speaking at a public event.
Political Consultant John Shallman does a lot of public pontificating on politics for a supposed "non-public figure".... ** and maybe past candidate for public office?? 
In opening, for those in the Mayor Sam cybersphere audience who may wonder why our earlier posts regarding "questions" about Political Consultant John Shallman, 46th Assembly District Candidate Brian Johnson and other "possible" collaborations they may have to other national organizations in this current 46 AD race, they have been removed due to the following email from Shallman to Mayor Sam Blog owner Michael Higby. (We bold the key points of his email)
I'm not sure if you still own Mayor Sam, but I'm assuming you do.
Over the course of the last several years or so, Scott Johnson has
made numerous false and defamatory statements about me.  While he and
you have a right to your opinion, you do NOT have the right to injure
a private citizen with libelous statements--like this preposterous
connection to the Tea Party. Today, this blogpost crossed the line.
Johnson is falsely stating that because I was the victim of a crime
and lost money, I have taken on the Tea Party as a client to help
Brian Johnson.  There is so much wrong with this that I do not know
where to begin.
You are officially on notice to take it down.
I do not work for the Tea Party.  I do not work for Brian Johnson.  Ihave never worked for Laurette Healey.  I am not a public figure or an
elected official.  As a private citizen, the burden you have to prove
your claims are significantly higher.  You will fail to do so because
you cannot prove something that is utterly false.
I will say this:  As a victim of a crime, I will not stand to be re-victimized.
John Shallman (** For the record, I did respond to Mr. Shallman's email but at this time I have not be given a reply to my overture which I will post at the end of this musing)

Let me state that we endeavor here at Mayor Sam to base our musings on the facts. If we choose to incorporate speculation, we label it as such. Plus, in the course of writing we have the right to question all possible story angles base upon the information at hand and craft our product in a style that may incorporate satire, mixed with parody. That is the bloggin way (especially for this writer). Maybe this journalistic concept is foreign to "private citizen" John Shallman but the use of legal threats by a Shallman consulted campaign, to influence reporting on the campaign proceedings is not as witness by the Janice Hahn for Congress Campaign's "Cease and Desist order " against Fox 11 News.
Thus, not wanting to provoke another legal letter from the likes of Stephen Kaufman, we like to ask these questions of "private citizen" John Shallman and extend an invitation to him to offer his answers which will be posted here at Mayor Sam. Lets call this an interactive exercise in "citizen journalism".
First Mr. Shallman, as noted above in the photographs of your numerous speaking engagements (which include comments on the record) include one that denotes you as a "democratic political consultant", does that qualify you as a "public figure"?  
Second Mr. Shallman, are you the same John Shallman who is on file with the California Secretary of State as having this past campaign committee? Thus, making you a public figure?
Third Mr. Shallman, you stated that you never worked for the Laurette Healey for Assembly Campaign, Does that campaign owe you a retraction or "correction of fact" for this statement made on their website?
Healey’s campaign team ** is led by General Consultant, John Shallman, and his firm Shallman Communications. Healey lives in Sherman Oaks, with her partner Marcia Davalos, Regional Director of the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California.

** Maybe you and former Impeached President Bill Clinton might want to compare notes on the "meaning of is"?
Fourth Mr. Shallman, are you the consultant or will the Secretary of State records denotes you as such after its next reporting period, for the following IE Committee?  
Vote Brian Johnson for Assembly 2012, a Valley Allianceto Prepare Our Children for Tomorrow's Workforce, A Coalition ofEdVoice IE Committee, Valley Parents, Educators and Business Leaders,EdVoice Independent Expenditure Committee, to support Brian Johnson'scandidacy for AD 46, Charles Bell Jr., 455 Capitol Mall, Suite 600,
Sacramento, CA 95814
Sacramento, CA 95814Sacramento, CA 95814, 916 442 7757; Sarah Lillis, 1107 Ninth St.,
Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814
Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916 448 3868, Bill Lucia, 1107 Ninth St., Suite 680, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916 448 3868.

Fifth Mr. Shallman, if you are the consultant to the IE Committee noted above, what concerns do you have about Charles Bell Jr Tea Party client? Would disgraced Democratic Treasurer Kinde Durkee have taken on a client with tea party ties?
Once again Mr. Shallman, we invite you to submit your replies to redspotincd14@yahoo.com and grant you equal time to share your responses with our audience, in the spirit of reporting the facts
Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 ** My response to Mr. Shallman after the jump.
Mr. Shallman,

I have review your email to Mr. Higby regarding my supposed multi-year endeavor to do damage to your reputation via false and defamatory statements. I should state that my past musings on your work within the world of political consulting are not based upon any personal malice, but in the spirit in reporting the truth.

Thus in the spirit of accuracy, can you state specific examples from the Mayor Sam of statements written by me that you find defamatory. If they are incorrect, then you deserve a correction.

Next can you state for me that this statement in Total Capital is incorrect and that you have sought a correction from that website?.http://totalcapitol.com/?people_id=7376

2011: Shallman is lead consultant to Laurette Healey's 2012 campaign in the 46th Assembly District.

Next Mr. Shallman, are you the consultant for the following IE Committee?

Vote Brian Johnson for Assembly 2012, a Valley Alliance 
to Prepare Our Children for Tomorrow's Workforce, A Coalition of 
Ed Voice IE Committee, Valley Parents, Educators and Business Leaders, 
Ed Voice Independent Expenditure Committee, to support Brian Johnson's candidacy for AD 46,
Further, does this committee share the same treasurer as the "National Tea Party Group"? 

Charles Bell Jr., 455 Capitol Mall, Suite 600,
Sacramento, CA 95814 

In closing, its my paramount concern to present the facts and only information that can be substantiated in my writings here at Mayor Sam as exampled in our past post about your use o recycle campaign material (ie. Titanic Piece).

I look forward to your response.


Scott Johnson.

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Blogger g said:


April 28, 2012 3:13 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Wow. Facts are really painful!

May 06, 2012 11:19 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Thank you for covering this Mayor Sam.

Let's consider John Shallman's track-record:


- Laura Richardson for Congress 2007 “owed” John Shallman $219,500. Shallman threatened to sue Laura Richardson if she didn’t pay.

- Bernard Parks for LA County Board of Supervisors 2008 “owed” John Shallman $150,000. Shallman sued Bernard Parks for nearly $150,000 stating that Parks allegedly owed him money.

- Carmen Trutanich for City Attorney 2009 “owed” John Shallman nearly $200,000.

- Juan Vargas for Senate 2010 was left with outstanding debts of $375,784.66, and $125,000 of the debt was “owed” to John Shallman.

- Carmen Trutanich for District Attorney 2012 “owes” John Shallman $112,000.

Kindee Durkee

In March 2012, Kindee Durkee pleaded guilty to five counts of mail fraud after an FBI investigation found she stole more than $7 million in political funds from at least 50 clients. Political consultant John Shallman accused the campaign treasurer (who worked as his campaign treasurer) of embezzling at least $1 million entrusted to her for "personal and business" bookkeeping.

Durkee's lawyer, Daniel V. Nixon, could not be reached for a response. More importantly, Lauren Horwood, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office, could not confirm that Shallman was a victim.

In sum

John Shallman took legal action against Laura Richardson for $219,500 and Bernard Parks for $150,000. If you add both Trutanich campaigns and Juan Vargas, the total reaches $806,500.000. If Kindee Durkee embezzled $1 million from Shallman, why hasn’t he taken legal action against Durkee?

October 01, 2012 2:07 PM  

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