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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Roybal Foundation - Adventist White Memorial Hospital Partnership Provides Weekly Fresh Food During Covid Crisis

The Public 501-C3 Roybal Foundation Non-Profit continues its core Mission of providing for those in need during the Covid Crisis via its on-going Partnership with Adventist White Memorial Hospital, that provides weekly (on Thursday) Fresh Food at its Bridge Street Community Garden.
Volunteers prep bags of Fresh Food for those in Need.
** Blogger's Notes: COVID-19 has taken a toll on many but not as much as it has to our community. The Roybal Foundation and its partner Adventist Health White Memorial the community garden located at White Memorial as a site to distribute food to the residents of the neighborhood twice a week. They help over 1,000 families a week get healthy produce and non-perishable items. This act of kindness has been on-going and done without much fanfare. The Roybal Foundation and its rightful board members are taking their mission to heart and are committed to the community! 
The Bridge Street Community Gardens provides needed Fresh Produce in Boyle Heights.
Recycle Irrigation provided continuous water for cultivation/
The Beutner Foundation supplements the Fresh Product during each weekly Food Giveaway.
Fruit and Produce strives side by side.

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