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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Morning Briefs on the Los Angeles Political Machine for Tuesday

Once again, Monica Garcia's LAUSD targets the El Sereno Community as a repository for tainted educators and a fail Charter School.

Mayor Sam has learned that former controversial Miramonte Elementary Principal Martin Sandoval "was" reassigned to El Sereno's Sierra Park Elementary. "Was" because of the actions of informed parents such as Mari Cameron who post this comment on The Voice Community News Facebook Page.......
Friends i am horrified...Superintendent Deasy...SHAME ON U..Some1 please tell me it isnt so..my son attends Sierra Park Elem..Well we had the pleasure of welcoming a new principal interestingly enough it was the same principal from Miramonte elementary school..Martin Sandoval..Sure dump him off in El Sereno..Surely no1 in El Sereno has axcess to newspaper, internet or tv..tHANK gOD he was removed after four days and the LAUSD barely made it public today after the fact.. Mr Sandoval was responsible for the whole notification debacle at miramonte elem.. He failed to notify ALL parents that a teacher in his employ for many years was behaving and engaging in lewd acts with students.. A man such as this has no place in public education..

Again, LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia shows her respect for the supposed community that she resides. This, on top of her continuing support of the controversial, and potentially dangerous Academia Semillas del Pueblo Charter School, should prompt community member to consider her removal at the ballot box in March.
Your Princeton Graduate, Dear Charro Councilman needs YOU!!
A urgent special message from your Princeton Graduate, Dear Charro City Councilman Jose Huizar (via CD 14 Propaganda Director Rick "Coca Puffs".).
The Huntington Street Plaza is very close to receiving final approvals. Councilmember Huizar and Living Streets LA need everyone’s help to clear the last hurdle to realizing your (HaHa! just joking, I take credit for everything good in CD 14) plans.During the next week, the City Council will be deliberating on the Council District 14 Parklet pilot program that will give us permission (like "your" permission to allow Academia Semillas del Pueblo to operate next to a establish eatery the serves alcohol) to build our Street Plaza on Huntington Drive as a demonstration of improvements that could be made citywide.One key point in the deliberations will be confirming that there is broad community support for the project (Academia will provide its "rent a crowd" for the price of overlooking past zoning and lack of permit issues). So, we urge you to attend the Council Committee hearings on August 21st and 22nd and the Council meeting on Friday, August 24th to show your support. (but please no comments on the CLARTS Fund or questions from El Sereno merchants regarding zoning issues at "Tata Marco's" esteem collective for Azteca indoctrination).

We should note that El Sereno residents can raise their loyalty score on Councilman Huizar's Constituent Discrimination, whoops, Contact List, by speaking in glowing terms on the positive vision for a better El Sereno tomorrow, as envisioned by your Princeton Graduate, Dear Charro. (** Plus look what a perfect score on the list did for "new Councilman Huizar staffer Julio Torres).
Team Obama's "Great Latino Hope" for Four More Years. 
The "Great Latino Hope" for Team Obama's forlorn quest for a second term, will meet with the local masses of assorted "Dependentcrats", "Dummycrats", "Socialists" and his remaining friends from his brothers and sisters of the local unions. As the "Great Latino Hope" nears his appointed departure time to depart for Charlotte, North Carolina, to act as the Payaso Chairperson of the Democrat National Convention, he will take time to reaffirm his support for his union brothers and sisters, to continue their practice of using dues money to remake California into "Greece on the Pacific" via a "no vote" on Prop 32.
Los Angeles County Democratic Party Presents 
"Countdown to Charlotte" with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

WHAT: Los Angeles County Democratic Party Presents "Countdown to Charlotte: What's at Stake in 2012" with Democratic National Convention Chair and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

With just two weeks to go before the Democratic National Convention, Mayor Villaraigosa will contrast President Obama's commitment to moving America forward (towards a merge with Moscow) with Mitt Romney's upside-down economics that will only serve the one percent. (Occupy speak)

Mayor Villaraigosa will also speak publicly for the first time on why he is opposing Proposition 32, the deceptive Special Exemptions Act on the November ballot. (democrat code speak for reform that hurts the their stranglehold on power in "Greece on the Pacific")  

Proposition 32 purports to be about "stopping special interests," even though the measure actually gives special exemptions to corporate special interests and Super PACs while silencing the political voice of California's everyday heroes - teachers, firefighters, nurses, and police officers. (** maybe Tony might want to debate former State Senator Gloria Romero who is supporting this needed reform?) 

WHEN: Tuesday, August 21, 2012. 7:00 PM

WHERE: IATSE Local 80. 2520 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA

WHO: Hon. Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor, City of Los Angeles and Chair, Democratic National Convention
Mr. Eric C. Bauman, Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party and Vice Chair, California Democratic Party

NOTE: Open Press - Please RSVP to communications@lacdp.orgMedia inquiries, please contact Clark Lee - 909.702.5809 / clarklee@lacdp.org

In ending, wonder if Trujillo will take Tony to the airport?

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14 

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Anonymous Anonymous said:

The Obama folks hate Tony V. No way he ever gets a cabinet position.

August 21, 2012 6:29 PM  

Anonymous Anonymous said:

Who was the women that accompanied Mayor Villaraigosa to the Democratic Party holding hands. She was no beauty.

August 22, 2012 9:18 PM  

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