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Thursday, September 15, 2011

El Grito Day in Ciudad de Los Angeles paid for by ..........

2011 El Grito Celebration Flyer. ** Link here to read Eastern Group Publications story on this years El Grito celebrations at Olvera Street.
** Noontime Update: The "Weekly of Mistaken Assumptions" joins the bloggin fray with their take on our post. But the "Snarky One" is off base in insinuating a possible racial component to this take on "pay to play politics" at City Hall.   
Blogger Notes: To the organizers of this year canceled Sunset Junction Festival, this is how the City of Los Angeles operates when approving and supporting special events These tips will hopefully spare you from a repeat visit to Andrea Alarcon's platform for future political ambitions, whoops Public Work Commission---Scott Johnson.
First, you have to remember that the eighteen politicos who reign over various sub-fiefdoms within the city, have "financial considerations" which requires constant attention. LA Times City Hall beat writer David Zahniser highlighted how All Access Entertainment front person Larry Gonzalez helped Mayor Antonio Villar with his financial issues during Villar's second mayoral campaign in 2009. We provide this excerpt.
All Access runs such city-sponsored events as Fiesta Broadway, a cultural festival thrown each year in downtown Los Angeles, and El Grito, a Spanish-language concert held annually outside Los Angeles City Hall to commemorate the Mexican War of Independence. Both have received financial help from the city for years.
When Fiesta Broadway took place in April, the Los Angeles City Council forgave nearly $173,000 in fees for the event, which covered parking enforcement and other city costs. El Grito received $75,000 from the city last September and saw $50,000 in city fees waived by the City Council. Those fees were largely incurred by traffic officers who shut down Spring, Main and First streets for the concert.
Second, make sure that those who support your efforts are treated in a special fashion as Gonzalez did in 2009. The result could mean that "special consideration" in dire financial times.

Faced with a $406-million shortfall, Villaraigosa tried earlier this year to eliminate funding for El Grito and other community events. But the council blocked that effort, and Villaraigosa accepted the changes, signing them into his budget for 2008-09.
When El Grito takes place in September, Gonzales’ company will offer its corporate sponsors a special VIP reception with –- guess who? -- Villaraigosa and the City Council.

Lastly,  note after the jump how the City Council took care of El Grito for 2011.
ITEM NO. (43)

CONSIDERATION OF MOTION (CARDENAS - ALARCON - HUIZAR) relative to funding to defray 
the cost of the El Grito 2011 celebration.
Recommendations for Council action, SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MAYOR: 

1. TRANSFER $5,000 each from the Council Districts 1, 7, 9, 13 portions of the Cultural Affairs 
Fund 480/30, Account 9669 (Council Civic Fund), for a total of $20,000, to the El Pueblo de Los 
Angeles Historical Monument Fund No. 737/33/133F.

2. TRANSFER $5,000 from the Council District 14 portion of the General City Purpose Fund 
100/56, Account 000871 (Council District Fourteen Council Fee Special Event Subsidy) to the El 
Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument Fund No. 737/33/133F.

3. TRANSFER $10,000 from the Council District 6 portion of the General City Purpose Fund 
100/56, Account 000863 (Council District Six Council Fee Special Event Subsidy) to the El 
Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument Fund No. 737/33/133F.

4. TRANSFER $60,750 from the El Grito line item in the General City Purpose Fund No. 100/56 to 
the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument Fund No. 737/33/133F.

5. AUTHORIZE the Director of El Pueblo, or designee, to make any technical corrections or 
clarifications as necessary to the above instructions in order to effectuate the intent of this 

Community Impact Statement:  None submitted.
(Arts, Parks, Health and Aging Committee waived consideration of the above matter

Hope this tutorial serves you well in reviving your festival for 2012.

Your thoughts ..............
Scott Johnson in CD 14

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Blogger Eric Howard said:

The post makes a good point, but to be fair, nobody goes to El Grito, so it may just need financial help. Michael McKinley's Sunset Junction Street Fair, however, attracted lots of guests, thus raising the question of why he "couldn't" pay the city fees.

September 15, 2011 10:02 AM  

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